Glasgow Standard Tram

Preserving Glasgow Tram No.488

It's history and restoration progress in the UK

Horse tram services started 19 August 1872
Electric traction from 13 October 1898 until 4 September 1962
Tramway abandonment's started in 1926, with major route closures from 1956 onwards
Trolleybuses introduced 3 April 1949 - Abandoned 27 May 1967

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Film Projector

Film Presentation

Capturing Restoration Progress

Films made by Ray Maidstone on his visits to Boston Lodge are presented on this page for your enlightenment.

Just nip into the screen of your choice by clicking on a title.

Screen 1
Showing the quality
of 1903 wiring in 2014
Screen 2
wiring removal
Screen 3
Original high current
cable trunking exposed
prior to rewire
Screen 4
Saloon surrounded by scaffolding whilst being refurbished
Screen 5
Lower saloon with its
ceiling stripped
Screen 6
Stripped out flooring planks above the driver's position of #2 end
Screen 7
Looking at the melted bell push and cracked wooden panel
Screen 8
#2 controller and pipe work dismantled
Screen 9
Body being delivered onto its accommodation trucks at Boston Lodge
Screen 10
A walking tour of 488s lower deck prior to moving the body to Boston Lodge Works

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